As far back as I can remember I have always loved creating things. From a very early age I was happiest when I would express my creativity by drawing and painting. Many years later, after the birth of my children, I quickly discovered the benefits of sewing. From cute baby clothes to creating detailed adult costumes, sewing allowed me to explore fabrics and textures to expand my creative ideas.

I stumbled upon my passion for creating jewelry quite by chance. My creative urges along with my love for beautiful things led me to experiment with creating my first pair of earrings 10 years ago. I have since experimented with many techniques and find there is always a new technique to master. I try to challenge myself and always create jewelry that reflects my particular mood and taste when creating it. I design and handcraft each creation with great thought and care so that once completed, I hope you will love it as much as I do.

Please browse through my boutique. I try not to duplicate to ensure uniqueness, however I sometimes replicate a piece while changing some elements to keep the originality.

Many of my bracelet designs can be adjusted to fit most wrists.

Your feedback is always welcome.

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Floriana Hartland

Please visit my official website www.jewelshart.com for my latest designs.